Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021

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Tune in to a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.
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Ak47 32
Ak47 32 43 minuter sedan
I hope the new star fox game comes out soon. I hope they put krystal in the star fox team
Azora Playsgames
Azora Playsgames 2 timmar sedan
hay nintendo where is heavy weapons guy
Sam-Iam 2 timmar sedan
26:05 they did my man waluigi dirty once again
Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer 4 timmar sedan
Where is Metroid prime trilogy?! Please?!!??!!
Patricia Cross
Patricia Cross 6 timmar sedan
When are we gonna get a 3 slot life steal in smash?
Grow With Me Gamer
Grow With Me Gamer 7 timmar sedan
When does Monster Hunter Stories come out for Switch?
rosegold83 7 timmar sedan
How do you download it
got them burners
got them burners 7 timmar sedan
Everything here is great and all, but what I really wanted to see and was disappointed when it didn't happen, was a wii sports resort remaster of some sort.
Mecstone YT
Mecstone YT 7 timmar sedan
No star tropics 3? :(
Shelley Taylor
Shelley Taylor 8 timmar sedan
The direct is great and all but why you put in more anime characters in smash all ready I thought it was a one of the sonic characters like tails or knuckles but you put in more anime characters what about you put sora in kingdom hearts series he's pretty similar like all of the square enix tell them to make a game with all I mean ALL of the square enix call it square Enid all stars battle.look Nintendo I'm mad please just don't put more anime characters okay and make year of Luigi 2 and Mario kart 9.
Sulkyaro _
Sulkyaro _ 10 timmar sedan
Skyward Sword walked so that Breath of the Wild could run
SkywardPrimeGalaxy 10 timmar sedan
Zelda's 35th anniversary was literally 4 days after.
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose 11 timmar sedan
Losing faith in nintendo
Steven Morgan
Steven Morgan 13 timmar sedan
I had every intention of going out to buy a Switch today. Watching this has made me change my mind. None of those games look like they'd even be worth the time to download them.
Steven Morgan
Steven Morgan 5 timmar sedan
@Hansel Martinez Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Sword/Sheild, and Mario Kart 8 are the only ones I'm even curious about. I've regretted buying an xbox one for years because it's basically just used as a Netflix machine. That's why I'm extremely picky when it comes to buying consoles now
Hansel Martinez
Hansel Martinez 9 timmar sedan
Ok but there are still so many great games on switch, super Mario odyssey, the legend of Zelda BOTW, Pokémon sword, Pokémon shield, super smash bros ultimate, splatoon 2, Mario kart 8, super Mario party, NSMBU deluxe, animal crossing new horizons, luigis mansion 3, legend of Zelda links awakening, just to name a few, don’t base your choice on one game showcase, Xbox games showcase for 2020 was trash too so idk what you are complaining about
Mega Lucario
Mega Lucario 13 timmar sedan
Phoenix Wright is not in Smash My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Glam 13 timmar sedan
So wii sports golf, but it's Mario
FluffyUnicorn 14 timmar sedan
I don’t know why Nintendo always gives such a nostalgic feeling. Is it a game? Color? or Japanese salary man? I will never know
uki 14 timmar sedan
Genshin Impact is where??
파이나 15 timmar sedan
ONLY ME IS Screamed when pvz neiborville comes????
Fabrizio lomolino
Fabrizio lomolino 16 timmar sedan
Fabrizio lomolino
Fabrizio lomolino 16 timmar sedan
Wendy ‘s
Wendy ‘s 18 timmar sedan
Finnally we get fall guys
Mimic_ Star
Mimic_ Star 18 timmar sedan
Narrator : wait is this a game? Nintendo: Y E S
Ninjacheez productions
Ninjacheez productions 18 timmar sedan
Imagine if we got a mobile splatoon game
Nick jr. time!
Nick jr. time! 19 timmar sedan
I like stubb the zombie and Mario golf super rush
Sam Swain
Sam Swain 19 timmar sedan
Harumph, that’s my review of the direct
Jude Cole
Jude Cole 20 timmar sedan
When I saw Pyra/Mythra coming out, I thought that was a Xenoblade 3
̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ
̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ ̸s̸n̸ɹ̸ᴉ̸ʌ ̸ǝ̸ɯ̸o̸ɹ̸n̸ʞ 20 timmar sedan
When the imposter is the imposter NO STEP ON SNEK 🐍
Cobermai 20 timmar sedan
Hoping Miitopia means we could be getting Tomodachi Life in the future
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 21 timme sedan
Im just gonna ask what are they gonna do for today? Today’s is zelda 35th anniversary did they forgot about it that would be sad. :(
AricTheUnique 21 timme sedan
AricTheUnique 21 timme sedan
the announcer sounds way too serious when he says " *you have 22 minutes until the universe explodes* "
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 21 timme sedan
DIGITAL DREAMS 21 timme sedan
Still forcing motion controls for Skyward Sword
Ryder Nelson
Ryder Nelson 21 timme sedan
Hears that there are new Smash Characters. *Excited* No Waluigi. Me: AW COME ON!!!!!! I JUST WANT WALUIGI!!!!
Technodream 22 timmar sedan
Can you add call of duty two Nintendo
C G 22 timmar sedan
I really hope we see versions and/or ports of these Nintendo games/franchises on Switch at some point. Mario Strikers F-Zero Pikmin (Just 1 of 3 has been ported) Warioware Mario Baseball Star Fox Mother Kid Icarus I’m counting on Metroids, Zeldas and Bayonetta 3 these and next year. Possibly a decent Kirby. I know I’m missing some franchises that would be great on switch btw...
OddishKid Gaming
OddishKid Gaming 23 timmar sedan
Pokemon gotta miss em all - pokemon go
Torrey Stewart
Torrey Stewart 23 timmar sedan
I’m excited now !!🤩🤩🤩
alex economopoulos
alex economopoulos Dag sedan
can we get any original games Nintendo: i’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that
Brazilknight3847 Dag sedan
shouldnt these be a live premire?
GregGHouse Dag sedan
No Metroid Prime 4 😒
Kirby Dude
Kirby Dude Dag sedan
My aunt pawned my miitopia. But now I can play it on switch. God has answered
Beaky Bokey
Beaky Bokey Dag sedan
I’ve been waiting for Splatoon 3 since I beat the other 2 and Octo Expansion!
Hey loser :D
Hey loser :D Dag sedan
Old Sport
Old Sport Dag sedan
i'm hyped for sploon 3 and all that but nobodies talking about the miitopia remake 😔
The Anywhere Gamer
The Anywhere Gamer Dag sedan
Gay direct: No south park 3 No Sonic Mania 2 or a new 3d Game no new Mario main game no botw 2 no Mario Kart 9 etc etc
The Great John Cock
The Great John Cock 6 timmar sedan
Blame Ubisoft and Sega for the first two.
FuryTemple Dag sedan
Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
Sergio Dag sedan
26:31 imitating Wario, so cute lol
GVP Gameplays
GVP Gameplays Dag sedan
Ivan Daniel Noriega
Ivan Daniel Noriega Dag sedan
We need the Nintendo 64 online for the switch
Mathis Muzy
Mathis Muzy Dag sedan
And there will be an option for left-handed players for Skyward Sword ?
Raphaël/Leaphar Martino/Onitram
Raphaël/Leaphar Martino/Onitram Dag sedan
Still no Golden Sun remake or Golden Sun 4? ... I guess I will keep waiting....
Gamer Mario Let’s a-go
Gamer Mario Let’s a-go Dag sedan
What do u have against waluligi
Clemens Muehlegger
Clemens Muehlegger Dag sedan
Clemens Muehlegger
Clemens Muehlegger Dag sedan
Christian M
Christian M Dag sedan
This is one of my least favorite directs. How could you do Miitopia like that.
Loopimay Dag sedan
@Christian M But... horse
Christian M
Christian M Dag sedan
@Loopimay a horse isn’t going to make me pay 60 bucks for a game that’s already portable lol
Loopimay Dag sedan
Csibe fn
Csibe fn Dag sedan
Pov: You came here to see the an@l meme
Xavier McCloud
Xavier McCloud Dag sedan
Underwhelming. Who wanted Splatoon 3? Not buying any of this crap except for some games that aren't made by Nintendo. Not falling for your bull anymore lol.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Dag sedan
Plenty of people wanted Splatoon 3
Xavier McCloud
Xavier McCloud Dag sedan
Skyward sword has to be the worst LoZ there is. 2 is even better.
Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago
Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago Dag sedan
Save the best for last.
Der MemeDealer
Der MemeDealer Dag sedan
You kinda cute
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra Dag sedan
Two Thousand Island
Two Thousand Island Dag sedan
Apa iyu media mefia apa itu hukum, apa itu review?
2 pac
2 pac Dag sedan
T.J.H Dag sedan
Well I am sad we didn’t get news about breath of wild two I’m very excited about HD skyward sword thank you Nintendo you always surprise me and it’s always good
Diana Dumas
Diana Dumas Dag sedan
Skyward Sword: what better way to advertise your game than with the noises of Link??
Taza de Gromit
Taza de Gromit Dag sedan
I need a conker in smash bros
CYCLONE_ICE4 Dag sedan
37:51 tittes
Daniel Upsidedownhouse
Daniel Upsidedownhouse Dag sedan
I,m making Redfett Edition for the wii u in 2021
Muisc Games
Muisc Games Dag sedan
Outer wilds,
Muisc Games
Muisc Games Dag sedan
Muisc Games
Muisc Games Dag sedan
Neon white
Muisc Games
Muisc Games Dag sedan
No more heros
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag sedan
I’m so glad miitopias up now where’s tomododachi life.
Bandits161 Dag sedan
Hey maybe this smash trailer is promising maybe they’ll stick with the jrpg style and put Ninten in the game or I’m just getting my hopes up
King Nas1433
King Nas1433 Dag sedan
Y'all should hire me to come up with new games for y'all, because y'all bugging
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag sedan
come on, i wanted waluigi and jotaro as smash fighter, not a character from an anime or game that is unknown to me
Mr .X
Mr .X Dag sedan
If your looking apex on the switch lucky you 41:17
Timothy Owens
Timothy Owens Dag sedan
23:17 YES
pubgbest 100
pubgbest 100 21 timme sedan
Zombie Link
Zombie Link Dag sedan
God I'm so torn up with the Skyward Sword HD release because I love the aesthetic of the original skyward sword so much l
Mayte Calveiro
Mayte Calveiro Dag sedan
cant wait to pay 60 pounds for ghosts and goblins
Mayte Calveiro
Mayte Calveiro Dag sedan
hyrule age garbege
Mayte Calveiro
Mayte Calveiro Dag sedan
eww those psp graphics
Mayte Calveiro
Mayte Calveiro 2 dagar sedan
who is she
KenZDash 2 dagar sedan
ElCombeteTV 2 dagar sedan
Todos los juegos anunciados serán remake?
Joseph Lozada
Joseph Lozada 2 dagar sedan
Me:*sees Miitopia, Knockout City, Plants Vs Zombies, Fall Guys, Splatoon 3* Me:’Kay, I’m gonna get those games when they release.
f r o g g e d
f r o g g e d 2 dagar sedan
ok im more exited about miitopia than splatoon 3
Account6388 2 dagar sedan
The only relevant and interesting thing that came out of this was Pyra/Mythra and the LOZ skyward sword import. The thing is tho, that wasn’t enough to save this direct from all the irrelevant RPG games that plagued this direct. I’m sorry, but this direct was super disappointing.
Just A Turtle
Just A Turtle Dag sedan
@Account6388 See my last comment. Everyone has different taste in games. Any game announcement is gonna leave people with a bitter taste in their mouth. What I'm saying is that you can't really call a direct 'Dissapointing' when it's not meant to make every game for your needs.
Purpellent Dag sedan
@Account6388 just because you didn’t get what you wanted doesn’t mean it was “disappointing”. If that’s your opinion, that’s fine, but if you’re complaining about how you didn’t get what you want, that’s just selfish you warm toilet seat.
cameron Dag sedan
splatoon 3?
Diego Devito3198
Diego Devito3198 Dag sedan
@Just A Turtle hello Mario golf fan apparently
Account6388 2 dagar sedan
@Just A Turtle Oh you’re one of those losers that respond to every hate comment. I hate to break it to you, but most people with a brain will call this direct disappointing. I’m not the only one who thinks this direct sucks is what I’m trying to say.
Account6388 2 dagar sedan
This direct does suck tho
Howlhusky 2 dagar sedan
remake direct
Liquid Squid
Liquid Squid 2 dagar sedan
Please Nintendo. Give us something related to the breath of the wild sequel. Something.
GoldMuffinFoxSFM 2 dagar sedan
come on, i wanted waluigi and jotaro as smash fighter, not a character from an anime or game that is unknown to me
Sneha Nihalani
Sneha Nihalani 2 dagar sedan
Caleb A
Caleb A 2 dagar sedan
What!?!?!?!? Fall guys and splatoon 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sneha Nihalani
Sneha Nihalani 2 dagar sedan
If you guys are sad because your mains didn't defeat Pyra? Well just remember that this is not actual gameplay footage! :)
Marlon Quintana
Marlon Quintana 2 dagar sedan
Still waiting for Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission for this console.
Julian Dos Santos
Julian Dos Santos 2 dagar sedan
Julian Dos Santos
Julian Dos Santos 2 dagar sedan
@Purpellent No, just disappointed son
Purpellent 2 dagar sedan
Letal Gamer
Letal Gamer 2 dagar sedan
sigo esparando genshin impact para switch
perspective 2 dagar sedan
I ve noticed a pattern were link is always getting beating up
Raymond Turla
Raymond Turla 2 dagar sedan
I hope Legend of Legaia 1 will also get a remake
Raymond Turla
Raymond Turla 2 dagar sedan
OMG! Legend of Mana!
Ahmed Ashraf
Ahmed Ashraf 2 dagar sedan
100Twist The third
100Twist The third 2 dagar sedan
Nintendo... you could have had knack!!!
Henry 2 dagar sedan
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