Jose Luis Mancheno
Jose Luis Mancheno 10 timmar sedan
Please Ninstendo Mario Strickers for Switch please...
vialilac 10 timmar sedan
ThatCountryballGuy 10 timmar sedan
1:46 not gonna lie that’s a pretty sick Dino suit
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 10 timmar sedan
The lowke nostalgia from this one vid is unreal
SkywardPrimeGalaxy 10 timmar sedan
Zelda's 35th anniversary was literally 4 days after.
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 10 timmar sedan
Why are 80% of the games not available??
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 11 timmar sedan
Nintendo: STAR WARS HUNTERS... Me: Battlefront?
excuse me
excuse me 11 timmar sedan
Others: “OMG IDK WHO IM GONNA KICK!!” Me who has Barold on my island: “oh I know who..”
I Honestly Don’t know
I Honestly Don’t know 11 timmar sedan
When I don’t have a Nintendo switch-
biankapaloma 11 timmar sedan
Just when I was thinking about leaving the game for a while...
shackpool 11 timmar sedan
whos watching this after the splatoon 3 trailer
Nathan Tagg
Nathan Tagg 11 timmar sedan
I played the game at launch but this trailer still brings tears
Patricio Salazar
Patricio Salazar 11 timmar sedan
20:23 Ibuki Mioda
Albert Moncherry
Albert Moncherry 11 timmar sedan
Leomico Bacon
Leomico Bacon 11 timmar sedan
oh, i think i will need to make my parents buy ;-;
Tommy M
Tommy M 11 timmar sedan
**furiously inundates Lily with Keroppi items**
Alexcoolguy277 Gaming
Alexcoolguy277 Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Ok im am so exited
MrTopMario 11 timmar sedan
I must play it!!!!
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose 11 timmar sedan
Losing faith in nintendo
Gianluca Not
Gianluca Not 11 timmar sedan
Please swicht the party🙏
Ruby franklin
Ruby franklin 11 timmar sedan
Not me already owning the cards
Cresent_Moonie 2
Cresent_Moonie 2 11 timmar sedan
I have no idea who to kick out for Marty and Etolle maybe Kiki?
HARDCORE SAMP 11 timmar sedan
Hey mojang, i bought a hero edition on switch. Where is my 3th and 4th dlc for free?
Leland Myers
Leland Myers 11 timmar sedan
Battle mode looks *insane*
itryen 11 timmar sedan
Sorry but nobody outside of Japan and Brazil cares
wooden crate
wooden crate 11 timmar sedan
Trailer looks like it was made in Source 2
Andrew 11 timmar sedan
Lame! Where's Pikachu?
Andrew 11 timmar sedan
i might have to get a siwtfch when they release this!
Sir Arrius
Sir Arrius 11 timmar sedan
Iam stiil miffed that this is named 'bravely default 2'
MaccaPlays 11 timmar sedan
Best Nintendo duos Nintendo min! Is the best videos on this channel.
Andrew 11 timmar sedan
why didnt youi add lil peep
Dominique K.
Dominique K. 11 timmar sedan
I’m actually crying
גלעד ע
גלעד ע 11 timmar sedan
where are the mild suggestive themes that I was promised?
Crabman Jenkins
Crabman Jenkins 11 timmar sedan
To this day, I still cannot believe this is an official Nintendo ad.
⟭⟬•l o t t i e
⟭⟬•l o t t i e 12 timmar sedan
I already know there’s no way I’m gonna be getting these cards. They’re gonna be sold out the minute they are released. Oh well, time to get my wallet ready for overpriced resold cards on Etsy.
bus wanker
bus wanker 10 timmar sedan
go on aliexpress, i’ve ordered the cards for €12 on there. or make your own
Smurfbite06 12 timmar sedan
No physical, no buy 😭 but looks amazing. Still waiting on cuphead physical lol
Brazilian Kaiser
Brazilian Kaiser 12 timmar sedan
Fake, she would lose in Mario Tennis Aces and would break her switch crying.
Olivia Caron
Olivia Caron 12 timmar sedan
Bad kit
Gabe Zepeda
Gabe Zepeda 12 timmar sedan
This just got recommended to me rn, no clue this was a thing